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The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) gave an enormous quantity of lectures over the period of more than 30 years. The broad scope of their subject matter, the profundity of their ideas, and the felicity and directness of their expression are only outward characteristics of the immense power, beauty and exaltedness of the Word which is contained therein. The reader may approach them from many angles and always find something new; there is always something new to be gained, and they always offer fresh insight into life, true morality and ethics, the relationship between God and man and endless other questions that concern every human being in their quest for truth and life. No matter from which viewpoint they are considered, it will always be found that the source and fount of inspiration for these lectures is the most admirable, venerable, supreme Being - Christ, the Lord Himself. The forces which are poured into the soul of every individual from these lectures are the result of this inspiration. This is truly - sermo efficax et vivo [the living, efficacious Word].

The translator, therefore, faces a very difficult and responsible task when attempting to convey these lectures in a different language from their original one. In many respects, the translator is in the position of St. Jerome over a millennium and a half ago, who set out to translate the texts of the Scriptures into Latin for the very first time in a scholarly and precise way. Yet Jerome's translation, the Vulgate, has stood the test of time: it was used for over 1000 years as the authorative translation of the Bible; and it is not so easy to produce a translation such as this.

Translating the Master's lectures is a very special task simply because one is dealing with a very special text that has never been translated accurately before into English. Often it is very difficult to capture the colorful expressions which the Master uses to clothe the Word. They are an unusual mix of colloquial directness and formal elegance, fused to create an eloquent, noble, yet simple and comprehensible to all style. Sometimes the translator can only give an indication of this style, at least by translating as accurately as possible the original text, and hoping that none of its characteristics may be lost. Just as the Gospels were written in Koine Greek - the Greek of the common people, spoken throughout the whole Roman empire - yet in an eloquent and beautiful style, able to reach all yet be understood by a handful, so the message of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)'s lectures reaches across centuries and is always able to touch the human heart, mind and soul. It is a message that must be conveyed with the utmost care, dedication and precision, so that it is kept intact and, above all, free from all wilful modifications and alterations that would otherwise distort its form. This must be done for the sake of the message and the Word, since the message is a message which does not and will not pass away, just as the Word does not and will not pass away - even if Heaven and Earth pass away (Lk 21:33);

The Lectures:

The lectures chosen vary in size and stature, ranging from the smallest "One Sentence", being just that, to the largest "In Egypt", which spans over 30 pages of printed text in the original. The selection of lectures evinces a wide variety of moods and ideas in which the reader can partake, enlightening him or herself by their ideas, and ennobling his or her heart by means of their innate love. Christophorus wishes to humbly offer these translations as small homages to the greatness of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), for an audience that will appreciate and cherish, in all earnesty, both the scholarly approach and the faithfulness in attempting to reproduce the Spirit of the originals.

The effort of translation is continually a work in progress, with new lectures being translated as time permits. The translations, as stated already in the introduction to this web site, use only authentic sources which are proven to contain non-edited versions of lectures by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), being the publishing house Janua-98 and the volumes "Izgrevat", published by Dr. Vergilii Kreustev.

Currently, there are 12 lectures published online - a small number, indeed. Nevertheless, it is quality, and not quantity that is the ultimate aim, and precise translation is inevitably a slow process, as can be verified by anyone who attempts it.

Christophorus welcomes any suggested emendations, questions and contributions (see bottom of the page).

Sunday Lectures:
  • Behold the Man! [Eto Chovekat!], 16 Mar 1914, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
  • Divine Providence [Bojhestveniat Promisal], 24 May 1915, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
  • In Egypt [V Egypet], 13 Nov 1921, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
  • The Lit Candle [Zapalenata Svesht], 4 Jul 1926, Published online: 30 Dec 2010
  • The Truth [Istinata], 24 Apr 1916, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
General Esoteric Class:
  • A Letter [Edno Pismo], 14 Jan 1934, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
Morning Talks:
  • One sentence [Edno izrechenie], 7 Jan 1934, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
Assumption of the Virgin Mary


During July and August 2013, Christophorus (author of this site) inaugurated a new series of freely available, no-cost e-books: Authentic Texts in Translation. The aim of this series is to present accurate, faithful and readable English translations of lectures and other works by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) taken solely from authentic, unmodified sources that have preserved what the Master spoke or wrote without editorial or other interventions.

All the e-books which are part of the series are professionally typeset and ready for high-quality printing; therefore, they can be easily transformed into standard-media, paper-based books by simply downloading the PDF file of each respective book and giving it to a bookbinder to print and bind (softcover or hardcover, according to budget). In this way anyone can print their own book in the spirit of print-on-demand publishing, or simply read it on screen, mobile device etc.

The volumes available in the Authentic Texts in Translation e-book series can be found on both the ISSUU and scribd e-document/book publishing platforms. Both platforms require an account for download, but not for reading online. ISSUU additionally provides an online on-demand printing facility (please note the facility, pricing etc. is not affiliated to this site in any way, which is not-for-profit).

To read, download and print the e-books, just follow the links below:

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From "Hyperion's Song of Fate":

You walk above in the light,
   Weightless tread a soft floor, blessed genii!
     Radiant the god's mild breezes
       Gently play on you
         As the girl artist's finger
           On the holy strings.

Fateless the Heavenly breathe
   Like an unweaned infant asleep;
     Chastely preserved
       In modest bud
         For ever their minds
           Are in flower
             And their blissful eyes
               Eternally tranquil gaze,
                 Eternally clear.

- Friedrich Holderlin (1770-1843)
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