Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window (c.1657-1659)

A Letter

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
From: General Esoteric Class (GEC), Year XIII (1933-1934) - "A Letter", Lecture 16, 14 Jan 1934
Reference: Deunov, P. K., Obsht Okulten Klas, Godina XIII, Vechniat Poriadak, Sofia, 1999 Janua-98, ISBN 954-9589-38-2
Available online in Bulgarian from Janua-98.

Wednesday 5.30 am (the weather is cloudy, foggy and cold) 6.30 am (The Master did not come, he had sent a letter)

15 minutes contemplation.

To be written [on the blackboard]:

Three things are needed by the spiritual-students: Prudence, Strength, Goodness.

Prudence implies the right way of Life; Strength implies Freedom - the Truth of Life; Goodness implies the achievement of Life - Love. Prudence brings Light which neither fades, nor darkens! Strength brings that which overcomes, it does not weaken; Goodness brings that which achieves; Prudence leads, guides; Strength protects; Goodness elevates. Prudence brings all the possibilities of the Divine world. Strength brings all the possibilities of the Spiritual world. Goodness brings all the possibilities of the human world.

Blessed is he who by them is led, protected and sustained. He is there, in the Radiant Path, in the Radiant Truth, in the Radiant Life. There peace, joy and gladness abide.

My regards to the good students.

10 January 1934 Izgrev, Sofia


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