Presented here for the first time in English are translations of selected memoirs by contemporaries and followers of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). In these memoirs are revealed numerous examples of occurrences and events which shed light upon the Master's Teaching, and upon the everyday experiences during the lifetime of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Many of the memoirs were given verbally to Vergilii Kreustev in Bulgaria, over the period of many years, who conscientiously recorded, compiled and published them in the over 20 volumes of "Izgrevat". It is from these volumes that all the translations are made. The memoirs contribute to a long-standing tradition of passing the true heritage of the centre "Izgrevat" - "Sunrise" - from which the volumes take their name, and which was the settlement in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the Master lived and taught during the last decades of his earthly life.

  • The Bee; 1995, Published online: 27 Feb 2006
Sancta Anna

From "Songs to Orpheus", Book II, #6:

O rose, enthroned flower, for men in ancient times
you were a chalice fashioned with a simple rim.
But for us, now, you are the countless flowering rose,
the object of our inexhaustible delight.

Within your riches you reveal raiment upon
raiment that clothe your body that is dazzling light.
But a single petal of your blossom renders
comparison with any raiment obsolete.

Throughout the centuries your fragrance has evoked
the sweetest names, wafting across the seas to us;
and suddenly the air is laden with your scent.

Elusive. We cannot really name it, but guess...
while memories meet it across the centuries
that we have summoned: hours from the distant past.

- Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)
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