For Gina [1]

To you I said last night. You worry a lot. You doubt Me and My faithfulness [2] a lot. You think of Me as a man who speaks one thing today and tomorrow - another. No, beware. This is from the evil one. Whenever you are sorrowful and sad, I am then close to you. In the darkness you can feel my presence, but you cannot see me. You will see me when the eyes of your heart open.

Yes! There is no death. How little you {pl.} understand the Heavenly life, the Divine life. You are worried by people. You often become cross with others. Have pity on them, they are ignorant and powerless. But do not be disheartened by this. The root of every tree must be hoed and watered. You are this tree. The righteous ones are trees planted by the wellsprings. Yes! Who has told you this? What I have told you is to bear fruit. And as you are planted in Me, the Father will fructify you. Read Prov. 29: 6-7. In this I will help you and you will [also] help. Listen to Me, I am always close by. This is why the sufferings come to remind you. The sufferings - this is my hand. Be grateful. Be joyous and cheerful. Whoever suffers, him the Father caresses. The Power of God manifests in the human powerlessness [3]. Only the One Father is powerful. Whoever wishes to be strong must abide in Me. You should grow in every goodness. Do not worry; for others - do not be afraid. I am preparing an abode for you [4]. Do not be frightened {pl.}. Perform the Will of God. This is My law. Your Good Friend,

({the sacred signature})

25 Oct 1904


[1] Gina Gumnerova (wife of Petko Gumnerov) was one of the first students of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Upon their kind invitation, the Master lived in the home of the Gumnerov's from 1905 until 1926.
[2] It is clear from the letter that the Master does not write of himself here, but of Christ manifested through him.
[3] cf. 2 Cor 12:9
[4] cf. Jn 14:2

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 27 Dec 2006
Reference: "Izgrevat", Volume IX, Biblioteka "Jhiten Clas" (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1999, ISBN 954-90041-9-8
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