Petko Gumnerov [1],

What do you desire most? Wisdom is close to you. You hesitate [2] much in your life, and this impedes you.

The Lord, Who wishes your well-being, constantly impels you to do good. To do good means to be in accord with Him. You have good intentions, but you postpone them often. Postpone nothing. Meddle not in other people's affairs. Do not pay attention to people's words. Human quarrels have no end. What I told you yesterday evening - do that. Stay close there {lit.}, there is no other salvation. Faith is that which saves. Faith, the living faith. Not the faith in the letter. Life is like learning to read. Start with the first letter and go forward, the other letters will gradually form syllables, the syllables - words, the words - deeds and so on.

Do not be anxious. What you do now, do it well. He who is faithful in the small [things] will also be faithful in the great [things]. God wishes you to have good hearts. Do you know what a good heart is? The good heart, this is the greatest treasure [3] of all. He who has a good heart will always be joyful and content with the life which is given to him. The greatest evil in the world is its ingratitude. You should be grateful for everything. Everyone in this world should be grateful. And can God live amongst ungrateful people? No. The Lord does not like futile pursuits. Do you know what the futile pursuits are? These are the unattainable desires. These are the desires, which ruin the health of the soul. Read Proverbs 27: 7-8. Let me enlighten you. Read Matthew 19: 10-12, 1 Peter 4: 3-4. Walk therefore, truthful to the Lord and to yourself, truthful also to your vocation. This is not a reproach, this is my guidance. No. I did not come to reproach you {pl.} but to counsel you {pl.} in the way of the Lord.


({the sacred signature})

25 Oct 1904


[1] Petko Gumnerov was a clerk in a Bulgarian Law court and one of the first students of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). On the advice of his wife, Gina Gumnerova, he offered a room in his modest home at Opalchenska Street 66, Sofia, to the Master, which is where the Master lived from 1905 until 1926.
[2] literally - divide your mind in two, as in doublemindedness
[3] or wealth

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 27 Dec 2006
Reference: "Izgrevat", Volume IX, Biblioteka "Jhiten Clas" (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1999, ISBN 954-90041-9-8
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