"The Bee"

{Memoir by Boris Nikolov}

Some friends were conversing with the Master in front of the lower room. Suddenly, a restless bee whirled around them. It went round, round and bumped into the Master. The Master stopped conversing. A second time the bee whirled around him and again bumped into the Master. The Master stopped for a moment, entered his room, and in a while came out with a jug of water; after this, he went to the bee-hives - all the way at the other side of the meadow against the vineyard. It turned out that some people had put syrup in the feeding-tray outside for the bees, but the syrup had condensed from the Sun and many bees had become glued to it. The Master poured a little water and stirred the syrup with a stick, thinned it out, and set the bees free. The bees flew away from the feeding-tray and circled joyfully around the hive. The bee that was sent to ask the Master for help had found him and passed its call for help and protection.


Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 27 Feb 2006
Reference: Memoir by Boris Nikolov (1900-1991) from "Examples From Our Life With the Master", No. 66
Original source: "Izgrevat", Volume II, Biblioteka "Jhiten Clas" (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1995, ISBN 954-90041-1-2
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