"The Fruit Tree and the Angels"

{Memoir from Boris Nikolov}

Adi, a sister of ours, fell ill very heavily, she could not get up from bed. Her friends went and said to the Master: "Adi is ill". The Master said: " Tell her to get up and come to me". They told Adi and she marveled how she would go to the Master, given that she could not even get up. Nevertheless, the Master insisted [that she should come to him]. So, she dressed herself, got up and went to the "Izgrev", accompanied only by the sister who had passed to her the words of the Master. When she arrived, the Master told her to sit down. He took with his two fingers the finger of Apollo [1] first on one of her hands, then on the other hand. Her illness suddenly went away. The Master said to her: "You must never fall asleep under a fruit tree". Adi was very surprised. From where did the Master know that on the previous day she had fallen asleep, although for several minutes only, under a plum tree. "You must never fall asleep under a fruit tree. Beings live in them, who sap the life powers and de-magnetize man". After this Adi asked: "Master, didn't you tell us that when the trees blossom the Angels visit the earth? That is why I lay down under the tree, so that They would visit me".

"The mind must pass through a strict School, in order for it to develop, in order for all its centers to be revived. The Angels do not step upon the Earth. When they come on Earth, they step upon the human heads, upon the human minds and bring light in them."

Adi learned something new about the trees and the Angels.


[1] The finger of Apollo is the finger next to the little finger, i.e. the fourth finger from the thumb.

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 27 Feb 2006
Reference: Memoir by Boris Nikolov (1900-1991) from "Examples From Our Life With the Master", No. 112
Original source: "Izgrevat", Volume II, Biblioteka "Jhiten Clas" (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1995, ISBN 954-90041-1-2
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