The Triadic Lord - King of all the ages.

Lord, our God, our soul quietly trusts in You.
You have revealed to us Your paths, and we behold Your sweetness;
You have manifested to us Your mercy, and we behold Your forbearance;
You have shown to us Your Love, and we behold Your goodness;
You have signified to us Your Truth, and we behold Your sanctity;
You have revealed to us Your Name, and we behold Your righteousness;
You have disclosed to us Your Wisdom, and we behold Your Great deeds;
You have turned our heart, and we behold Your presence everywhere;
You have enlightened our mind, and we behold Your creations, that they are all
You have girded us with Your strength, and we behold Your might and power;
And after all Your gifts and blessings, which You have poured upon us from
above, according to Your inward fullness, our desire is to always see Your Face
and to rejoice with gladness in the fullness of Your Love.
We thank you for Your loving-care, with which You have surrounded us.
We thank you, that Your mercy and kindness always follow us.
We thank you, that You always hear us and are always ready to give us aid and to
sustain us, when we are in need.
Sweet Lord, Holy Father of Heaven and Earth!
Deliver us from the artifices of the evil one.
Behold, You have spoken to us, and we believe, that You will affirm us
through all the ages, so that we may praise you.
Lord, our God, who are unchanging, strengthen our weak brothers and
sisters, so that they may abide in You, and You abide in them, as You abide in
me, so that we may all be one, as You in me, so I in them, so that we may all be
One, so that we may glorify You on the Earth with the fruits which we will
offer in Righteousness and Mercy, that our deeds may shine before men, so that
when they see them, they may glorify You.
Kind Father! You who give us Life and health, who satiates us with bread and
water and who satisfies us with the thousands of Your blessings every day!
Your Sun rises every morning like a bridegroom, and runs along its path which
You have charted, as he brings and distributes Your blessings which You have
allotted us. In Your Name it vivifies the whole Earth with its Nature, lifts
up and brings the clouds, waters its face with rain and moisture, draws out
every sprout beneath its shell; beautifies the flowers of the fields in all
their fairness, which You have given them initially; gladdens all the animals
and man, who You have made in Your image and likeness; breathes into his heart
hope and faith to toil and work, as it tells him that You will bless his labor.
How numerous are Your precepts! All of them cannot be reckoned!
We, all Your children, come today to offer our gratitude, that You have clothed
us in Your clothes of Life, and how wonderful are these garments, with which You
have girded us!
Blessed Lord, blessed from all the ages! Accept now our grateful supplication.


The prayer Praise - "Hvala" is usually read after the completion of a period of fasting.

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
Reference: Prayer given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 10 Aug 1909, in Varna, Bulgaria
Original sources: "Izgrevat", Volume XI, Biblioteka Jziten Clas (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1999, ISBN 954-9915-02-6
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