Prayer of the Sacred Purity

Lord, our God of all the inner fullness of life, we stand before Your Face
according to Your great mercy, which carries the light of Your Face, a
gift for our souls.
Your breath has purified our mouth and Your glory has filled our speech;
         we praise You, we magnify You.
Your kind and loving Spirit has renewed and purified our hearts;
         we sing the Glory of Your Name and accept the great joy which Your
         Spirit brings in our life.
Your great and Holy Spirit has enlightened and purified our minds
         and in us was born the insurmountable desire to work for the glory of
         Your Holy Name, to bear Your exalted thoughts across the whole
You have vivified and purified our souls
         and in us was born the sacred desire of eternity, in which You abide,
         to work for the well-being of our brethren, for the good of our souls.
Because of Your mercy, which abides only in You, bless us, enlighten us, uplift
us, strengthen us, revive us, and fill our souls with Your gentle Spirit, so
that we may always serve You with joy and gladness, to bear the image of Your
Love, the light of Your Truth, the euphony of Your Wisdom, the foundation of
Your Goodness and the purity of Your Righteousness.


Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 19 Aug 2008
Reference: Prayer given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
Original sources: "Izgrevat", Volume XI, Biblioteka Jziten Clas (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1999, ISBN 954-9915-02-6
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