The Vine

"Lord, bless and strengthen my soul"

I. We pray to Our Heavenly Father for the glorification and
consecration of the Name of the Lord Our God on Earth amongst the
people and the believers and the chosen ones from the Chain of the
Lord of Glory, Saviour, Protector, Who raises and resurrects the dead
and sets all in order and harmony everywhere.

And blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the revealed Word
of God and with Him all those, who love Him.

II. We pray to Our Heavenly Father for the coming of the Kingdom of God
on Earth amongst the people and in the hearts of the believers and
in the souls of the chosen ones.

And let every Righteousness, every Goodness, every Love, every Wisdom and
every Truth be set into action.

And let the Lord Our God come to reign. And let the words of the Lord
be fulfilled: "The Father has good-willed to grant you a Kingdom".
And let the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ incarnate amongst us. And let
the pre-eternal intent of Our Father of Lights and of the Luminous Spirits
be fulfilled, to Whom is due Glory and honour, and adoration now,
always and throughout all ages.

III. We pray to Our Heavenly Father for the fulfillment of the Will of
the Lord Our God on Earth, as it is above in Heaven amongst the Luminous
Angelic countenances.

And let the Law of Truth, Love and Righteousness come to reign, so that
we may all be in one body and one Spirit.

And let order and harmony, songs and praise come to reign, let knowledge be
granted to us so that we may glorify Him. And let all of us rejoice at the Lord
and His deeds.

And let Him incarnate in our life and in the deed of His hands.

Let Him grant life and health, and longevity to all those, who trust
in Him. Let Him deliver them from all the scourges of evil and the Sly one.
Let Him instill peace in their souls. Let Him give them an abundance of His

Let the Lord Our God remember his promises to have mercy on all who suffer.
Let Him bless all believers, let Him strengthen His chosen ones, and
give them fortitude, knowledge and Wisdom, and Love so that they may be
victorious on account of Him and His Holy Name.

Let Him grant us victory over all our enemies, to be victorious to the end
and to serve the Lord with joy and gladness through all the days of our life.

Let Him illuminate us with the light of His face, and make us strong and
robust to fulfill His good Will, clever and good-natured so that we may
walk before Him with fullness.

Let Him heal all our suffering brothers and sisters. Let Him bless their
homes and their children together. Let Him bless all their good undertakings
of the body and the soul, and the spirit.

And thus let the Lord God rise within us, as He is above in Heaven.


The Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) says about this prayer: "Every day, in an hour which you will choose, it is more preferable in the morning, you will read this Vine, be it only the first part, be it the second, be it only the third, or be it all three together. If you read the whole Vine, then the first part you will read in the morning, the second - at noon, and the third - in the evening. While when you read one part per day, the first day you will take the first part, the second [day] - the second [part], the third [day] - the third [part] and so on. It is mandatory, however, to read the Vine every day, and everyone can appropriate one of the chosen ways." And also: "The precept of the Spirit is that through this Vine you may protect yourselves every day and this is why, daily, you must necessarily read it in one of the said ways. Only then is the danger abolished for you."

Translated by: Christophorus, Published online: 7 Jan 2006
Reference: Prayer given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) in 1914
Original source: "Izgrevat", Volume XI, Biblioteka Jziten Clas (Vergilii Kreustev), Sofia, 1999, ISBN 954-9915-02-6
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